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I. Master Planning/Predesign Phase: Deciding What to Build
This phase is an exploration of your goals, needs, wants and budget. We want to hear as much as possible about the project.

II. Schematic Design: Rough Drawings or Sketches
The schematic design starts with an initial code review. By establishing code requirements, at the beginning of the process, we can avoid potentially costly code-required revisions. The Foundation does a series of rough drawings known as schematic designs. These sketches illustrate the general arrangement of the rooms and site. Depending on the project, we may also make models of the design to help participants better visualize it. These sketches are not final drawings. They show approaches for you to consider.

III. Design Development: Refining the Design
Using your feedback from the schematic designs, The Foundation prepares more detailed drawings to illustrate other aspects of the proposed design. The floor plans show all the rooms at the correct size and shape. Outline specifications listing the major materials and room finishes may be prepared. Based on these drawings, a probable, rough construction cost can be obtained by a reputable contractor or we can hire a cost consultant expert in market conditions as an additional service.

IV. Construction Documents: Preparing Construction Documents
Upon your approval, The Foundation prepares final construction documents. These detailed drawings and specifications are what the contractor will use to establish actual construction cost and use to build the project. These drawings and specifications become part of the contract. During the Construction Document development we finalize our code review.

V. Project Code Reviews: Building and Zoning Codes
The Foundation uses a Code Review Form to meet with the appropriate code officials; this Code Review Form is incorporated into our final drawings as a permanent record. A meeting with code officials at this point is critical to the success of the project. The code officials then understand the direction of the project and can more readily work with us to resolve any complications.

VI. Bidding: Hiring the Contractor
We help prepare the bidding documents, which consist of drawings, specifications and instructions. The bidding documents are then sent to several qualified contractors, who reply with bids that include the cost for building your project. We can assist in the contractor selection process; however, the final choice is yours.

VII. Construction Administration
Once the construction contracts are signed, we meet with the contractors and sub-contractors to discuss potential time constraints. An owner-appointed representative is introduced; everyone is then aware of the schedules and demands. We require contractors to submit a detailed schedule of values to track costs and completion of subsystems. The schedule of values is what allows us to review cost revisions and contractor's applications for payment.

Our contract administration during construction allows The Foundation to monitor the work, schedule, budget and construction documents. We maintain records throughout the project of changes and cost revisions. The contractor, by written contract, is responsible for the means, materials and methods for construction of the project.

The contractor will be required to hold weekly or bi-weekly progress meetings once the project is started. A representative from The Foundation will attend as necessary to field questions and to review construction progress.

Most contractors and architects focus most of their attention on the beginning and middle construction phases. This limited focus sometimes allows the timeline to slip, delaying the final completion of your project. The Foundation avoids this by requiring the contractor to sign-off on each unfinished item to ensure timely completion. We will not approve final payments until all items are completed and satisfactory to the client.

Stay in Touch
Upon completion of the project, The Foundation maintains contact with the client to verify that the project is meeting their needs. We are available to contact the contractor for any additional fine-tuning necessary to meet the users’ needs. After the project has been complete for a few months, we like to visit the project again. This allows us a chance to review any items that may need correction by the contractor and to also evaluate the user's satisfaction with the project.

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