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Predesign Phase
I. Master Planning/Predesign Phase: Deciding What to Build
In this phase you talk, we listen. Together we explore your goals, needs, wants and budget. This phase is all about information gathering. We want to hear as much as possible to better understand you and your ideas.


Schematic Design Phase
II. Schematic Design: Rough Drawings or Sketches
Once you have defined your needs, we do a series of rough sketches or drawings, known as schematic designs. These sketches illustrate the general concepts and ideas of the design. Depending on the project, we may also make models of the design to help better visualize it. These sketches evolve until we have a few options, but are not final drawings. They just show possible approaches for you to consider.


Design Development Phase
III. Design Development: Refining the Design
Using your feedback from the schematic designs, we now prepare more detailed drawings to illustrate other aspects of the proposed design. The floor plans show all the rooms in the correct size and shape. Outline specifications may be prepared listing the major materials and room finishes. Based on these drawings, a probable, rough construction cost can be obtained by a reputable contractor.


Construction Documents Phase
IV. Construction Documents: Details and Instructions
Final construction documents, the detailed drawings and specifications which the contractor will use to establish actual construction cost and to build the project, are necessary for construction of your home. If you haven’t selected a contractor, these bidding documents are sent to several contractors, who reply with bids for the cost for building your project. We can then help you determine which contractor is the right choice for this project.


Construction Administration Phase
V. Construction Administration: Building
Our involvement during construction allows us to closely monitor the work, the schedule, the budget and the satisfaction of our clients. Involvement of the architect during construction improves the outcome of the project and often saves time and money. We want you to have a positive, fun experience.


Stay in Touch
Upon completion of the project, The Foundation maintains contact with you to ensure the finished product meets your needs. We are available to contact the contractor for any additional fine-tuning necessary. After the project has been complete for a few months, we visit the project again. This allows us a chance to evaluate your satisfaction with the project. Long term, we stay in touch with you to ensure the project ages and continues to fit your needs over time.

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